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Why gap spark plugs? A quick overview.

Spark plugs need to be gapped to operate properly.

What are spark plugs and why do they need to be gapped?

“He can check the spark plugs and see if the engine’s runnin’ rich,” said the woman behind the counter.

I’d never been to this shop before, even though I’d driven by it hundreds of times. I’d stopped because of the sign that read Certified Harley Mechanic. I was just a little too skittish to drive my bike all the way out to the local Harley-Davidson dealership because I was afraid of stalling.

The place looked rough, with its worn sign and wobbly handrail, but I took a deep breath and walked in anyway. The inside looked just as rough, with creaky floor boards and yellowish dog-eared posters on the walls.…

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Riding a motorcycle: it’s not about the destination


On a recent solo excursion I spent most of the time inside my head ruminating about why we, riders, ride.

I passed through rural communities and small towns…

Riding a motorcycle: it's not about the destination

…and I rode by the ocean.

Riding a motorcycle: it's not about the destinationAs I rode, I breathed in the scent of fresh cut grass, baking bread, and the sulphery-marshy fragrance of saltwater.

In traffic, my body felt hot and dewey inside my black riding jacket.  At 60 mph, the wind cooled and refreshed my skin, and I felt light and alive.  Sometimes, the air felt warm-cool-warm in just seconds.

I rode over bridges.

On back roads.

On major throughways.…

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