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The motorcycle learning curve: the bad and the good


Last weekend (June25-26) was World Ride Weekend, a campaign promoted by Harley-Davidson Motor Company with a single mission: “Just ride of the love of riding.” Motorcycle enthusiasts were encouraged to keep track of the miles the rode and report them on the Harley-Davidson website.  Collectively, riders worldwide logged over 10 million miles.

I did my part.  My Instagram post says it all: “In almost two months, I’ve only ridden 278 miles, but 118 of them were just yesterday.  I think I’ve rounded a corner!”

For 84 of those 118 miles, I rode with a friend, but I did the final 34 on my own.


THAT’S rounding a corner!

The motorcycle learning curveAnd yet…

…today I ventured out on my own again.  The whole time, my belly clenched like a fist.

There’s no explanation.  Other than insecurity and my own impatience.

Impatient to feel competent.  Impatient to hug and lean into the turns and winding curves. Impatient to own the road.  Impatient to get past this learning curve that still sticks out its tongue and taunts me.

I’m ready to fly.  Escape.  Forget.  Shed.  Soar.

Except that…my belly clenches and my chest feels tight.  An internal betrayal.

Then, I remembered.

There’s no race.  No timeline.  No need to compare myself with anyone else.  What’s important is that I’m emblazoning new trails for me.  For ME.  I am who I am, and that’s good enough.  It doesn’t matter how long it takes for my heart to pump wildly with joy and freedom and wild abandonment from riding on two wheels.  I’ll get there.  Mile by mile.

Rounding more than corners

It’s just like real life, don’t you think?

Life constantly throws us curves that we can’t see around. Sometimes we’re in good company, and sometimes we’re alone.  Regardless, we manage to find our way.

There’s no question in my mind…I’ll find my way through the learning curve.

I look forward to my arrival.

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