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Fairy Bikers come to U.S. to ride Harley-Davidson bikes and raise money for breast cancer research


Meet Liz (age 54) and Tina (age 48), the Fairy Bikers,  two women from North Yorkshire, UK who self-identify with having a mid-life crisis.  They are flying to the United States on Saturday to embark on a Harley biking adventure that will address their crises while serving the greater good.

The Fairy Bikers have two goals: 1) to promote riding for women (“It’s never too late to go on adventures”), and 2) to raise money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer (“We thought it would be a good opportunity to raise some funds for this charity.”).

Although they don’t ride Harleys at home, when it came to planning their trip in the U.S., “we just couldn’t ride in USA on anything other than Harleys so we just didn’t consider any other type of bike.”  Liz will be riding a Harley-Davidson Fatboy, and Tina will be riding a Harley-Davidson SuperLow.  

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