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Am I having mid-life crisis?


When I first told a few people that I was going to learn to ride a Harley, a few said, “What…are you having a mid-life crisis or something?”  In the moment, my face blushed and shame whooshed through my body.  I was embarrassed by the notion that I could be making an irrational, selfish decision or going through some kind of predictable phase in my life that would soon pass and fizzle out like a deflated balloon.

I hid the seeds of doubt and the feeling of being small that the question evoked.  I didn’t let on; I just laughed and agreed: “Absolutely!

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The motorcycle learning curve: the bad and the good

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 8.17.49 PM

Last weekend (June25-26) was World Ride Weekend, a campaign promoted by Harley-Davidson Motor Company with a single mission: “Just ride of the love of riding.” Motorcycle enthusiasts were encouraged to keep track of the miles the rode and report them on the Harley-Davidson website.  Collectively, riders worldwide logged over 10 million miles.

I did my part.  My Instagram post says it all: “In almost two months, I’ve only ridden 278 miles, but 118 of them were just yesterday.  I think I’ve rounded a corner!”

For 84 of those 118 miles, I rode with a friend, but I did the final 34 on my own.…

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I dropped my motorcycle. I was alone.


There I was, in an empty parking lot, practicing how to ride my new wheels (lacking the confidence to venture out on the road yet) when I braked to a stop with my front wheel turned slightly to the left.

In slow motion, the bike started to fall.  I strained to hold onto the handlebars and keep the 560 lb. SuperLow® from falling over to its side.  I was doing okay—holding off the fall—until I accidentally rolled the throttle.  The engine roared like a plane and the bike lurched forward, fell to the ground, and stopped.

I was stunned.  It happened so fast I really didn’t know what had happened at all.…

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